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How to plan a course with discontinuous or intermittent attendance

Teachers and educators can usually decide to which extent a teaching and learning model is going to be blended, mixed or hybrid, and determine which parts to be in-presence and which ones online and when they are going to be carried out.

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Internet access: a universal right

These days of lockdown have highlighted the prominence of a technology that was being transparent to the majority of the population that uses it daily. However ...

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Coronavirus and online education

I read that two recognized universities in the United States, Duke and New York University (NYU), driven by the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in China...

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Venice forever

Last year I spent a period as a visiting professor at the University of Trento, in the northeast of the Italian peninsula. It was a good experience, but I talk about that in another post.

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Nomadism, sport and culture in Central Asia

One of the advantages of having to travel for work is that, often unexpectedly, you find out hidden places and cultural traditions you were absolutely unaware of.

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Online education models and self-learning

When I talk about the possibilities of online education at a conference, there is usually someone who asks me a question that pretends to be rhetorical: "Excuse me, Sir, isn't it that the best educational model is mixed or blended?"...

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Learning to be … we try

Everyone looks at the crisis we are experiencing depending on their own environment. Different personal situations can coexist under one roof that can affect us in a very diverse way.

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