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«L’educació i la recerca són les millors inversions que pot fer cap país»

Albert Sangrà, Ph.D., is the director for the UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology for Social Change at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Full professor at the Psychology and education Department and researcher at the Edul@b research group.

Albert Sangrà


Since 2016 is the director for the Industrial Doctorates Programme at the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Recipient of the 2015 Award for Excellence in eLearning awarded by the World Education Congress, he has been also appointed as EDEN Senior Fellow by the European Distance and e-Learning Network.

Member of the founder team of UOC (1994-95), where he served as Director, Methodology and Educational Innovation until 2004, being in charge of the educational model of the university; Director of the M.Sc. program in Education and ICT (e-learning) (2006-2012); and Director of the eLearn Center (2012-2014).

Former Vice-president, European Foundation of Quality on E-Learning (EFQUEL), and member of the Executive Committee of EDEN (2003- 2009). Former member of the Portugal’s Universidade Aberta’s Advisory Board. Currently he is member of the TELSC (Technology Enhanced Learning & Societal Challenges) PhD. Programme, a join programme between Universidade de Lisboa, Universidade de Aveiro and Universidade do Minho, in Portugal; member of the COER (Center for Open Education Research), Oldenburg Universität, Germany; membre of the Red de Investigadores Internacionales en Educación a Distancia, en Línea y Abierta (International Researchers in Open, Distance and Online Education Network); and advisory member of the Board of Directors, Instituto Profesional IACC, Chile.

His main areas of research are the uses of ICT in education and training and in particular, policies, organization, management and leadership in the implementation of online education (e-learning) and the guarantee of its quality, as well as the professional development for online education. He has worked as a consultant and trainer in several online and blended learning projects in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, focusing on implementation strategies for the use of technology in teaching and learning and its quality assurance. He has also been a World Bank consultant.

He performs as evaluator at the Agenzia Nazionale per la Valutazione delle Università e la Ricerca (ANVUR), Italy, and at the Estonian Higher Education Quality National Agency (EKKA). Associate Editor of the American Journal of Distance Education, and member of the Editorial Board of several indexed academic journals like International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (ETHE), Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (Je-LKS) or Revista Iberoamericaa de Educacion a Distancia (RIED). Author of books as Managing Technology in Higher education. Strategies for Transforming teaching & Learning, jointly with Tony Bates (Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 2011); La Transformación de las Universidades a través de las TIC (EDIUOC, 2004), with Mercedes González-Sanmamed; or Aprender en la Virtualidad (GEDISA, 200), with Josep M. Duart.

Ph.D. (Europaeus) in Education (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain). Postgraduate at the Open University, UK, in Applications of Information Technology in ODE, and Diploma on Strategic Use of IT in Education by Harvard University, USA. B.A. in Philosophy and Education, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.

Latest publications

Sangrà, A. & Cleveland-Innes, M. (2020). Leadership a new Era of Distance Education. In Cleveland-Inns, M. & Garrison, R. (2020), An Introduction to Distance Education: Understanding Teaching and Learning in a New Era, Second Edition. London: Routledge (pp. XX-XX).

Romeu, T., Guitert, M., Raffaghelli, J. & Sangrà, A. (2020). Mirroring learning ecologies of outstanding teachers to teach integrating ICT. Comunicar, 62, 31-42, DOI:

Pozzi, F., Manganello, F., Passarelli, M., Persico, D., Brasher, A., Holmes, W., Whitelock, D. & Sangrà, A. (2019). Ranking Meets Distance Education: Defining Relevant Criteria and Indicators for Online Universities. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 20(5), 42-63.

Sangrà, A., Guitert, M., Cabrera-Lanzo, N., Taulats, M., Toda, L., & Carrillo, A. (2019). Collecting data for feeding the online dimension of university rankings: a feasibility test. Italian Journal of Educational Technology.

Sangrà, A., Estévez, I. & Souto-Seijo, A. (2019). Desarrollo profesional docente a través de las ecologías de aprendizaje: Perspectivas del profesorado. EDUTEC. Revista Electrónica de Tecnología Educativa, 68, 42-52, DOI:

Sangrà, A., Raffaghelli, J. & Guitert, M. (2019). Learning ecologies through a lens: Ontological, methodological and applicative issues. A systematic review of the literatura. British Jornal of Educational Technology (BJET), 50(4), 1619-1638,

Sangrà, A., Raffaghelli, J. & Veletsianos, G. (2019). Lifelong learning Ecologies: Linking formal and informal contexts of learning in the digital era. British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET), 50(4), 1615-1618, .

Arnold, D. & Sangrà, A. (2018). Dawn or dusk of the 5th age of research in educational technology? A literature review on (e-)leadership for technology-enhanced learning in higher education (2013-2017). International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (ETHE). 15:24. DOI: .

González-Sanmamed, M., Sangrà, A., Alvarez, I. & Souto, A. (2018). Ecologías de aprendizaje en la Era Digital: Desafíos para la Educación Superior. Publicaciones. 48(1), 11-38. DOI:

Rocosa, B., Sangrà, A. & Cabrera, N. (2018). La organización escolar y el desarrollo de la competencia de Aprender a Aprender: Un enfoque globalizador singular. Revista de Estudios y Experiencias en Educación (REXE), 2(1), 31-51. DOI:

González-Sanmamed, M.; Sangrà, A. & Muñoz-Carril, P.C. (2017). We can, we know how. But do we want to? Teaching attitudes toward ICT based on the level of integration of technology in the schools. Technology, Pedagogy and Education,

Capogna, S. & Sangrà, A. (2016). E-learning Quality Standards. The case study of an online university. Scuola Democratica, 3/2016, 731-752, DOI:

Ferran, N.; Sangrà, A. & Romero-Carbonell, M. (2016).  The Changes in Teaching Methodology due to the ICT Integration. Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 4(1), 1-24. DOI:

Romeu, T.; Guitert, M. & Sangrà, A. (2016). Teacher collaboration network in Higher Education: reflective visions from praxis. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 1-13. DOI:

Sangrà, A.; González-Sanmamed, M. & Guitert, M. (2015). Connecting Inquiry-Based Learning with Collaborative Work in Online Education. In Blessinger, P. & Carfora, J. (Eds.) Inquiry-Based Learning for Multidisciplinary Programs: A Conceptual and Practical Resource for Educators (Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning Series, Vol. 3). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., pp. 211-232. ISBN: 978-1-78441-848-9.

Esposito, A., Sangrà, A. & Maina, M. (2015). Learning ecologies as new challenge and essence of e-learning. The case of PhD e-researchers. In M. Ally & B. Khan (Eds.). International Handbook of E-learning. Vol. I. Theoretical Perspectives and Research. London: Routledge, pp. 331-342. ISBN: 978-1-138-79368-2.

Sangrà, A.; González-Sanmamed, M. & Anderson, T. (2015). Meta-Analysis of the Research about MOOC during 2013-2014. EDUCACION XX1, 18(2), 21-49. DOI:

Maina, M.F., Pérez-Mateo, M.,Guàrdia, L. & Sangrà, A. (2015). Diseño de un curso de formación docente como Práctica Educativa Abierta. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 196, 120 – 127. DOI: .

González-Sanmamed, M.; Muñoz-Carril, P.C. & Sangrà, A. (2014). Level of proficiency and professional development needs in peripheral online teaching roles. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL), 16(6), 163-187. DOI:

Romero-Carbonell, M.; Guitert, M.; Sangrà, A. & Bullen, M. (2013). Do UOC students fit in the Net Generation profile? An approach to their habits in ICT use. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL), 14(3), 158-181. DOI:

Sangrà, A.; Porto, S. & Jung, I. (2013). Diversity of Expectations of Quality and Assessment. In Gunawardena, C. & Jung, I. (Eds.) Culture and Online Learning: Global Perspectives and Research. Sterling, VI: Stylus Publishing (pp. 91-101). ISBN: 978-1-57922-855-2.

Bates, A.W.  (Tony);  Sangrà,  A.  (2011).  Managing  Technology  in  Higher  Education: Strategies  for  Transforming  Teaching  and  Learning.  San  Francisco: Wiley/Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-0-470-58472-9.

Research projects

Advancing higher education in Maldives through E-learning Development (AMED) (599008-EPP-1-2018-1-HR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) (2019-2022) Import: 720.592,00 € (Investigador)

Ecologías de aprendizaje en la era digital: Nuevas oportunidades para la formación del profesorado de educación secundaria (ECO4LEARN-SE) (RTI2018-095690-B-I00) (2019-2021). Import:  (Investigador)

Strategic partnership for the co-design of an innovative and scalable eportfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of skills (EPICA) (H2020-ICT-2017-1/ICT-39-2017-IA) (2017-2020). Import: 1.897.450,01€ (Investigador).

Creating an Online Dimension for University Rankings (CODUR) (2016-1-ES01-KA203-025432) (2016-2018). Import: 172.082€        (PI: Investigador principal)

 Cómo aprenden los mejores docentes universitarios en la era digital: Impacto de las ecologías de aprendizaje en la calidad de la enseñanza (ECO4LEARN-HE) (EDU2015-67907-R) (2016-2019). Import: 27.830€ (Investigador)

Implementing a Central Asian Centre for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship (CACTLE) (561495-EPP-1-2015-1-AT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)(2015-2018). Import: 942.604 €. (Investigador)

 Transforming Universities for the Digital Age (D-Transform) (2014-1-FR01- KA203-002425) (2014-2017). Import: 449.822€  (Investigador).

Enhancing Quality in Technology-Enhanced Learning at Jordanian Universities (eQTel) (544491-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-SMGR) (2014-2016) Import: 996.007,16€ (PI: Investigador principal)

European   Multiple   MOOC   Aggregator   (EMMA) (621030- CIP) (2013-2015) Import: 1.321.000 € (Investigador)

Ecologías de aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida: contribuciones de las TIC al desarrollo profesional del profesorado (ECO4LEARN) (EDU2012-37334) (2013-2015) Import: 16.000€ (PI: Investigador principal)

Propuesta  de  un  marco  de  referencia  competencial  del  profesorado universitario y adecuación de los planes de formación basados en competencias docentes (REDU2012) (2013-2014) Import: 11.900 €          (Investigador)

Open Educational Practices: A Bottom-up Approach in Latin America and Europe to Develop a Common Higher Education Area (OportUnidad) (DCI-ALA/19.09.01/11/21526/279-705/ALFA III) (2012-2014) Import: 864.302€ (Investigador)

Desarrollo y evaluación de competencias a través del Trabajo Final de Máster en entornos virtuales (2010MQD00155) (2011-2012) Import: 9.000€ (Investigador)

Análisis del Prácticum en los planes de estudio de Maestro y de Profesorado de Secundaria: hacia un modelo innovador de formación docente (EA2011-0039) (2011-2012) Import: 23.920€ (Investigador)

Marc de referència competencial per al disseny dels programes de formació docent per al professorat universitari (2010MQD00049) (2011-2012) (Investigador)

Testing an Open Education Resource Framework for Europe (OERtest) (510718-LLP-1-2010-1-ES-ERASMUS-EVC) (2010-2012) Import: 299.496€ (Investigador)

Competencias para la docencia en línea: evaluación de la oferta formativa para el profesorado universitario en el marco del EEES (EA2010-0059) (2010-2011) Import: 29.025€ (PI: Investigador principal)

Identificación, desarrollo y evaluación de competencias docentes en la aplicación de planes de formación dirigidos a profesorado universitario (EA2010-0099) (2010-2011) Import: 28.675€ (Investigador)

 Evaluación de competencias con herramientas de interacción dialógica asíncronas: foros, blogs y wikis (EVALHIDA) (EA2008-0237) (2008-2009) Import: 22.275€ (Investigador)

Competencies for professional working in learning environments: A perspective from different actors (AC2007) (2008-2008) Import: 5.000€ (Investigador)

 E-Learning network for the development of a Teaching and Learning service Centre (eLene-TLC) (2006-4536/001-001) (2007-2009) Import: 81.944€ (Investigador)

3W: Eines de comunicació per a la millora de la docència (2006MQD00044) (2006-2007) Import: 7.700€ (PI: Investigador principal)

Análisis de las iniciativas de Formación y Apoyo a la Innovación en las universidades españolas para la promoción del proceso de convergencia europea (EA2006-0072) (2006-2007) Import: 29.095€ (Investigador)

Implementing e-Learning 2.0 in everyday learning processes in higher and vocational education (e-JUMP 2.0) (135249-LLP-1-2007-1-EE-KA3-KA3MP) (2005-2007) Import: 36.891€ (Investigador)

MEGATRENDS in e-Learning provision (NO/05/C/F/RF-83250) (2005-2007) Import: 44.562€ (Investigador)

Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective (SLOOP) (I/05/B/F/PP-154194) (2005-2007) Import: 40.407€ (Investigador)

e-Learning Network for Teacher Training (eLene-TT) (2004-3043/001-001-ELE-LEL) (2005-2006) Import: 107.249€ (Investigador)

L’estudi de cas en entorns virtuals d’ensenyament i aprenentatge: un recurs metodològic per a l’adquisició de competències (2005MQD00041) (2005-2006) Import: 6.000€ (Investigador)

EENOVATE (117111-CP-1-2004-1-RO-MINERVA-M) (2004-2006) Import: 41.286€ (Investigador)

eQUALITY – Experience-based Quality in European ODL (110231-CP-1-2003-FR-MINERVA-M) (2003-2006) Import: 74.707€ (Investigador)

Seminario de formación en e-learning del Máster Internacional en e-learning de la UOC (5/100300003SB) (2005-2006) Import: 3.350€ (PI: Investigador principal)

Rénovation Pédagogique et Université Virtuelle (RP & UV) (CD-JEP-30066-2002-TEMPUS) (2005-2006) Import : 56.655€ (PI: Investigador principal)

Análisis de la oferta formativa por medios electrónicos de 1r. y 2º ciclo en las universidades españolas: Estudio de su contribución al proceso de convergencia europea (EA2004-0131) (2004-2005) Import: 24.521€ (PI: Investigador pricipal)

Anàlisi de sistemes actuals d’avaluació dels aprenentatges i exploració de sistemes alternatius en l’àmbit de l’educació no presencial (MQD2002) (2003-2004) Import: 9.300€ (PI: Investigador principal)

ACtive Teachers In Virtual Environments (ACTIV-e) (106217-CP-1-2002-1-COMENIUS-C21) (2002-2004) Import: 65.590€ (PI: Investigador principal)

RE2U – Romanian European e-University (100693-CP-1-2002-1-RO-MINERVA-M) (2002-2004) Import: 16.000€ (Investigador)

Developing a European e-Learning Observation System (DELOS) (2001-3452/001-001 EDU-ELEARN) (2001-2003) Import: 57.114€ (Investigador)

Teacher’s training e-Learning Materials on Euro & European Citizenship (EUROFORMATION) (71702-CP-2-2001-ES-COMENIUS-C21) (2001-2003) Import: 31.456€ (Investigador)

Personalised curriculum builder in the federated virtual university of the Europe of the Regions (CUBER) (IST-1999-10737) (2000-2003) Import: 265.392€ (Investigador)

Análisis del uso de las TIC en la enseñanza primaria y secundaria obligatoria en España (ASTROLABIO) (FIT 150300-2001-50) (2000-2002) Import: 54.692€ (PI: Investigador principal)

How to build up European networks (HOW TO BUILD) (88062-CP-1-2000-1-HU-MINERVA-ODL) (2000-2001) Import: 12.065€ (Investigador)

Benchmarking of Virtual Campuses 2 (BENVIC-2) (71055-CP-2-2000-1-ES-MINERVA-ODL) (2000-2001) Import: 40.628€ (Pi: Investigador principal)

Transnational Virtual Environment for Lifelong Learning (TRAVELLING) (E/98/2/0618/PI/II.1.1.c/CONT) (1999-2001) Import: 22.673€ (Investigador)

Benchmarking of Virtual Campuses (BENVIC) (71055-CP-1-1999-1-ES-ODL-ODL) (1999-2000) Import: 33.372€ (PI: Investigador principal)

Multidimensional Approach for Multiplication of Training Environments (MAMUT) (E/99/1/61440/PI/III.3.a/CONT) (1999-2000) Import: 19.500€ (Investigador)

ERMES – Producción de Software Educativo Multimedia en Europa (ESPRITproject 24111-ERMES) (1997-1999) Import: 128.000€ (Investigador)

Doctoral Thesis’ Supervision

Rocosa Alsina, Balbina (2019). El desenvolupament de la competència d’aprendre a aprendre amb el suport de les TIC: Estudi de cas múltiple a centres d’ensenyament secundari de Catalunya. [Learning to learn competence development with ICT suport: Multiple case-study in Catalonian scondary schools] (Excellent Cum Laude). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Co-directora: Nati Cabrera.

Serarols Boada, Jordi (2019). La implementació de les TIC en els centres educatius d’ensenyament secundari de Catalunya: Propostes d’organització i gestió a partir d’estudis de cas. [Implementation of ICT in Catalonian secondary schools: Organization and management proposals from case studies] [(Excellent Cum Laude). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Co-directora: Nati Cabrera.

Salas Soto, Marianela (2016). Concepciones y Percepciones de la Calidad del e-Learning en América Latina. [Conceptions and perceptions of e-learning quality in Latin America]-(Excellent). Universitat de Barcelona. Co-directora: Anna Escofet.

Ferran Riera, Neus (2015). Canvis en la metodologia i l’organització educativa lligats a la integració de les TIC a l’aula: el cas de les Escoles Pies de Catalunya. [Methodology and educational organization changes linked to the Integration of ICT in the classroom: the case of the Escoles Pies of Catalonia] (Excellent Cum Laude): Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Co-director: Marc Romero.

Llorens Cerdà, Francesc (2014). Identificació i avaluació de la funció docent de consultoria en els estudis de Postgrau de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. [Identification and evaluation of the online teaching function in postgraduate programmes at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya] (Excellent Cum Laude). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Esposito, Antonella (2014). The transition ‘from student to researcher’ in the digital age. Probing emerging academic literacies of postgraduate ‘e-researchers’ to define a learning ecology for new kinds of doctoral research apprenticeship. (Mención Internacional). (Excellent Cum Laude) (PhD Outstanding Award). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Co-director: Marcelo Maina

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